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watercolor and abstract tattoos in los angeles
watercolor tattoo shop in los angeles
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Creating unique tattoos for unique people

Where ink meets imagination

Experience limitless possibilities at our Los Angeles tattoo haven. Specializing in creative ways to make your tattoo become a masterpiece.  

abstract tattoo shop
watercolor palm tree tattoo

Pushing the limits of abstract tattooing

Incorporating your personal story into your tattoo design is the key to creating a truly unique and meaningful piece of art.

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Tuesday - Saturday:
11am - 8pm
Sunday/Monday: Closed
best watercolor tattoos in los angeles
bright watercolor hand tattoo
watercolor flower tattoo los angeles

Watercolor tattoos

The way colors move on the body to create originality

black abstract tattoo with brushstrokes

Abstract tattoos

Telling stories in a distinctive fashion with strong design

colorful brushstroke tattoo los angeles

Brushstroke tattoos

A permanent painting with a dynamic flow

Adding unique styles to traditional tattooing

Artists here have 20+ years experience

bold abstract tattoo with watercolor
watercolor tattoos in los angeles

Here at ABXTRACT TATTOO, we strive to be different. Our goal is to create original tattoos for clients that are looking for real art. 

Unique tattooing

black abstract tattoo shop
watercolor bird tattoo done in los angeles at abxtract tattoo

"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do"

watercolor tattoo shop in los angeles
watercolor flower tattoo

"Art exists because life is not enough"


abxtract tattoo Los Angeles

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